Eating Well in College: 5 Tips for Students on a Budget

Naomi Carton, Associate Dean, Residential Life and Dining

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Eating well when you are in college is a myth, right? Between studying, going to class, working, attending events, and trying to exercise, who has time to eat right!?

Well, it’s no myth and it can be as easy as these five simple tips. Follow along as we discuss tips to help YOU, as a student, eat healthy on a budget.

You’re a grad student, and it is just not feasible to buy food on your stipend. Or maybe you're an undergrad, and you live in a "cook for yourself" community.  Well here are some ideas to help stretch that dollar....

1. Always have a list of items you want to buy before going into the grocery store. WHY?? Because you will buy junk food or cereal and nothing else if you are not prepared.

2. Make shopping a community event.  It's easy to grab your friends and go for a walk to local store. Shop and buy together. Do you need a full head of lettuce or all that chicken? No?  The bulk packages are cheaper, so chip in and share.

3. Add color to your plate. Just like Mom always said, vegetables are important, and that $1.99 two-pound bag of mini-carrots is a good way to get some vitamins into your diet.

4. Eggs can go a long way and add protein and healthy fat to your diet. Need a quick and light dinner? Cook up a quick vegetable and egg omelet topped with a small amount of your favorite cheese.

5. Think about alternatives to pasta and package meals.  Pasta and pre-made box meals may be cheap, but they pack on the calories. Take a moment to consider alternative options.  Go to the frozen veggies section and grab a bag --10 for $10 -- and you can add the veggies of your choice to pasta, instead of buying those "just add water" boxes. Or add a bag of frozen veggies to your noodles if you just can’t live without your ramen.




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