DYK #23: MIT Spouses & Partners Connect

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So you just moved to the Boston area with your spouse or partner, who has come to study or work at MIT. Now what? How do you find a job, make friends, learn English, or figure out how to raise a child in this new city (or country)?

At MIT, with so many international students and faculty members, this situation is very common. MIT Spouses & Partners Connect (SP&C) offers many ways to help newcomers to MIT connect with each other and learn about living in the Boston area. 

They host regular, peer-led events where you can meet up with others who are learning English, looking for jobs, or raising young children. In their career development workshops, SP&C volunteers can help you identify transferrable skills from your former career, build a professional network, adapt to the US business culture, and prepare a strong application. And if you’d rather address your questions in a one-on-one setting, you can sign up for a consultation, drop in during “Office Hours”, or speak to someone online. Finally, social events hosted by SP&C give you the chance to meet new people and explore the city.

Learn more about MIT Spouses & Partners Connect and their upcoming events on their website. See what it’s like to attend one of their weekly Wednesday meetings. And be sure to check out their blog, where you can read stories from SP&C members about adjusting to life in Boston. 

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