Struggling in grad school? Find ways forward.

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Grad school is hard. Conflicts happen in lab, school, and life. Here are ways to get support no matter what's going on. If you have a more specific problem or question, check out and the links beneath the following flowchart for more options.

flowchart for navigating student-support resources relevant for graduate students


The Office of Graduate Education is a centralized resource that provides support and referrals for a variety of graduate student issues, especially those related to academics.

The Title IX Bias and Response Office is a central location to report incidents of bias, discrimination, or harassment that involves students. You can anonymously report incidents on their website.

Violence Prevention & Response (VPR) provides confidential support for sexual harassment, assault, stalking, and other interpersonal issues. They are available 24/7 at 617-253-2300.

MIT Mental Health & Counseling offers both group and individual sessions and takes walk-ins and appointments. A fifth of grad students use their services!

If you live on campus, your dorm's Heads of House faculty can provide support and guidance.

The MIT Chaplains and Office of Religious Life can provide confidential counseling and crisis support. You can explore issues of identity, meaning, and wellness and find opportunities for worship, meditation, prayer and study.

If none of those seems right, REFS or the Ombuds Office are good places to start.​

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